Information on our local boards and committees for Cedar Creek Township.  Call if you have more questions or need to schedule an appointment (231)-821-0014.

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All townships function properly with the help of multiple boards outside of the elected Board of Trustees. Along with the Board of Trustees, Cedar Creek Township also has a Planning Commission, Board of Review, Zoning Board of Appeals & a Parks & Recreation Committee. These Boards and Committees are made up of residents from within the Township. Serving on a committee or commission helps to make sure all of the gears in the Township work effectively and move us in a direction that fits the desire of our Master Plan. We are always looking for people who are available to serve the needs of our community and whose schedules will allow them to attend regularly scheduled meetings.

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Please find a printable version of our application below. Fill one out if you are interested and either email it to the supervisor, mail it, drop it in our drop box or deliver it personally during regular office hours.

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